The Beer Experience
Our Story


The Beer Experience is not an ordinary beer festival. It is a unique and brand new beer event in Belgium wich obviously focuses on beers, but also on live music, beer lectures, tastings, good food and of course the historic, industrial setting itself.

From 19 to 20 March 2022, CC De Muze and ZLDR Luchtfabriek will open all their halls and spaces to the beer public. We aim at 1500 visitors: from ordinary beer lovers and passionate beer freaks to music-loving foodies and day trippers.

Visitors will be able to follow a route through the buildings and in the meantime explore about 35 brewers and taste their more than 120 beers. We program some more well known names, but specifically aim at smaller, unique local and foreign beer makers, and focus on Belgian craft brewers.

The Beer Experience is a collaboration between the organisers and the municipality of Heusden-Zolder.


The coal mines left their mark on Limburg. There were mines in various places: landscapes, garden towns and typical buildings are the silent witnesses of what was once one of the most flourishing industries in Limburg. The mining operation in Zolder started in 1930 after 23 years of preparatory work. When the mine in Zolder closed its doors in 1992, it marked the end of the last mine in the Benelux.

This beautiful historic location in Heusden-Zolder is the ideal backdrop to organize The Beer Experience. Exactly 30 years after the closure of the mine, a new festival is being created here. The buildings of ZLDR Luchtfabriek and cc Muze radiate history and because of the beautiful restoration and new interpretation, we can guarantee a unique experience for every visitor.

Who are we?

The organization of The Beer Experience consists of a group of friends and passionate beer lovers.

Maarten Reniers, Paul Reniers and his wife Anh Nguyen are known for their former beer café 't Middelpunt in Heusden-Zolder. Patrick Breugelmans is co-founder of Pukkelpop. Jan Keymis organizes beer events and tastings and has been an expert by experience for 25 years (and founder of Hippo architects). Together with his girlfriend zythologist Kaat Mendonck (also known for her work at Radio2), they have a private beer cellar in Hasselt. Dirk Dedrij and Barbara Goosse are local foodies and experienced tasters (known from D-Skyvision and Accfides). Tatjana Swiggers earned her spurs in various catering businesses in the area and in the Pukkelpop organization.